A visit to the thermal springs located in the areas of AEDISPOS – KAMENA VOURLA – THERMOPYLAE – KALLIDROMO – YPATI – PLATYSTOMO is recommended both for the visitor of Parnassos and the tired foot traveller of the road connecting Athens and Thessaloniki.
Apart from the pleasurable – warm – relaxing spas (especially during the winter you will enjoy the abundant FREE heat), you can try the thermal springs healing qualities, which are known since antiquity, and see a significant improvement in skin, joint and respiratory problems.
Here you will find a map with the locations of the thermal spas, as well as some photos of the Kallidromo thermal spa (Damasta area).
Parnassos invites you to enjoy, apart from its ski centre, its mountain trails, cycling routes, gorges, the world renowned archaeological museum of Delphi, the thermal spas, as well as the beauty of its flora, fauna and geology.