Facilities Usage Disclaimer

General Terms of Use of the PSC Facilities
Α. General Terms of Use of the Facilities
  1. Whenever the skiers/ visitors use the facilities of the PSC they must be aware of the weather and geomorphologic conditions and the risks that they entail.
  2. The skiers/ visitors must know the potential dangers that may exist in any ski center and include without limitation, the following:
    • Accidents and/or injuries due to bumps on the ground and/or the ice.
    • Accidents and/or injuries, due to natural obstacles such as trees, rocks, etc.
    • Accidents and/or injuries attributed to the existence of technical obstacles, such as posts, lifts, snowplough vehicles, sign materials, etc., which are necessary for the operation of the ski center.
    • Accidents and/or injuries attributed to natural disasters such as avalanches, catastrophes, landslides etc., or to sudden changes of the weather conditions (snow fall, strong winds, fog, big temperature fluctuations), which may have a negative effect to their skiing ability.
  3. The use of the facilities is always exercised in CAUTION and in accordance with the information signs and the recommendation of the operations staff or the manufacturers.In case of damages inflicted to the Ski Center’s facilities, the culpable will be subject to the penalties provisioned by the applicable law.
  4. The skiers/ visitors must comply with the recommendations of the staff in charge and the relevant signs and follow the “FIS rules for the conduct of skiers and snowboarders” (see  below) as well as the terms of use of the PSC facilities, which are posted at the PSC reception desks.In case the clients do not comply with the recommendations of the staff in charge regarding the safe and smooth operation of the PSC, their tickets shall be cancelled and they shall be dismissed from the PSC facilities.
  5. The clients are expected to retain their self-control.
  6. Parnassos Ski Center does not bear any responsibility for accidents which may be caused due to inappropriate use of the equipment or the facilities, non-compliance of the skiers/visitors with all the terms mentioned herein or ignorance of these terms.
  7.  Skiers/visitors must be cautious in safeguarding their tickets, equipment and personal belongings as they are responsible for any loss, wear, tear or destruction, or in general any damage thereof. The PSC DOES NOT BEAR ANY RESPONSIBILITY for any loss of tickets or equipment of the people using its facilities. If the skiers/ visitors have any complaints or comments they may address them to the INFO DESKS (Kelaria 1750 - 1950 & Fterolaka) and fill in a special form.
  8.  It is assumed that whoever uses the facilities of the PSC have knowledge of all the relevant terms and instructions included herein.
  9.  Smoking is forbidden in all indoor areas of the PSC.
  10.  It is expressly forbidden to conduct any business transactions, without the written approval of the Public Properties Company S.A.
  11.  It is forbidden to conduct ski lessons within the PSC grounds, to persons who do not have the appropriate ticket and who have not submitted to the PSC Management all the necessary documents required for giving lessons.   School teachers and instructors of the Hellenic Ski Federation clubs, during the time they execute their duties, are excluded. In the aforementioned term is breached, the validity of the entry ticket shall be cancelled and the fee paid shall not be reimbursed.
  12. The search for ski instructors and the scheduling of lessons, may be done solely at the designated points of the PSC, and addressed only to persons who have been authorized for such purposes and bear the corresponding insignia. It is expressly forbidden to run after prospective customers in order to give ski lessons, and in case such conduct is detected the offenders shall be dismissed (or expelled indefinitely) from the grounds of the PSC.
Β. Operation Period – Operating Hours
  1. The winter operation period of Parnassos Ski Center is the period from the 1st of December until the 30th of April, during which there will be services offered to the visitors depending on the snowfall.
  2. The high season is the period from the 22nd of December until the 6th of January, the weekends, and the winter holidays, during which the high season ticket prices apply.
  3. The low season is the entire winter period excluding the high season, when the corresponding low season ticket prices apply.
  4. The PSC operating hours are:
  5. DAILY:from 9:00 to 16:00 (last skier ascend) with a last cable car descend at 17:00.
  6. HOLIDAY/WEEKENDS: from 08:00:00 AM to 16:00 (last skier ascend) with a last cable car descend at 17:00.
  7.  “Sunset ski” from 17:00 to 20:00 (depending on the weather conditions).
  8.  The return of RFID cards to the PSC cashier’s desk for €3.00, may be done until 16:30.
  9.  After the 1st of March the operating hours may be changed, depending on the weather conditions.
  10.  The PSC reserves the right to diminish the capacity or to put out of service any lifts it may choose for safety reasons and for the smooth operation of the facilities.
  11.  In case of a scheduled diminished operation of the PSC, due to weather conditions or other unforeseeable factors, special discounts to the skiers’ daily tickets shall be offered.
  12.  In case of bad weather conditions during the PSC starting hours, three suspensions per hour shall be given. If the bad weather conditions persist, the operation of the PSC shall be terminated.
  13.  The “Sunset Ski” (from 17:00 until 20:00 approximately, depending on the weather conditions) is included in the price of the ticket of that day.
  14.  After 12:30 the afternoon ticket applies.

C. Update - Communication

  1. The skiers and the visitors must be kept updated at their own responsibility, about the price list, the weather conditions and the terms of use of the PSC facilities by the special info desks at Kelaria 1750 and Fterolaka, as well as through our website www.parnassos-ski.gr. The info desks offer detailed and accurate information for all matters concerning the operation of the PSC as well as printed information material.
  2. The price list and the terms of use of the facilities can also be found posted at prominent places, at the PSC reception areas.
  3. You may contact the PSC in the following ways:
  • By phone at these numbers: 22340-22700/ 22693/ 22694/ 29032/ 22373 and 8001100300 (free of charge).
  • By fax at: 22340-22596.
  • By sending an email at: infoxkp@etasa.gr.

D. Lifts Terms of Use

  1. The skiers must wait for their turn to embark the lifts, and take the first available seat.Otherwise, they loose their turn in the waiting queue.
  2. The lifts shall operate at the appropriate capacity to service in the best possible way all skiers.We urge you to respect the directions of the operators in charge.
  3. It is forbidden for under-aged persons to use the lifts when they are not accompanied by adults.
  4. The passengers of aerial lifts must lock the chair safety bar upon their embarkation and lift it just before disembarking the lift.They must also seat in the middle of the chair and refrain from moving sideways and lengthwise during the ride.In case they are riding a cable car (gondola) they must not support their weight on the windscreens.
  5. It is forbidden to ride on aerial lifts (chair lifts) holding your skis or snowboard and not having them securely fastened on your feet.
  6. The skiers may not embark on aerial lifts holding or carrying bottles, boxes, drinks and/or food (as an accident prevention measure and for the protection of the environment).
  7.  The passengers of aerial lifts must carry their bags in their hands and not at their back in a way that does not prevent the other passengers of the lift to seat safely.
  8.  Persons who wear pacemakers must inform the controllers of the lift, and after agreeing with them, bypass the electronic entry gates (READERS), for health reasons.
  9.  For the maintenance of the lifts, solid form lubricants are being used. The skiers assume full responsibility for any consequences from contact with these substances. For any consequences to the persons’ health (i.e. allergy) and to the ski equipment, the PSC bears no responsibility.
  10.  The skiers must avoid wearing ill-fitting or loose apparel and accessories (scarves, bags, jewellery, etc.) as these may cause serious problems during their embarkation on and disembarkation off the lifts.
  11.  The beginners shall use the Aphroditi, Aeolos, Ira, Pan and the baby lifts so that they do not interfere with the smooth operation of the other lifts.
  12.  The skiers must use the lifts exercising due caution and responsibility and take into consideration the information signs of each lift both for their safety and the safety of other skiers, as well as for the smooth operation of the lifts. In case they do not know how to use a lift (embarkation-disembarkation), they must receive the appropriate training in order to avoid any accidents.
  13.  The operation of the lifts may be stopped in case the weather conditions worsen.

Ε. Terms of Use for Skiing

  1. Skiers must know in advance which run they can use, consult the information signs on-site, get informed about the state of the run, take into consideration the weather conditions and adjust their speed to their abilities.In case they do not know how to ski, it is recommended that they take special ski lessons.
  2. The use of ski areas outside the secured, marked pistes and runs of the PSC lies at the sole responsibility of the skiers, who shall be aware of the dangers and take the appropriate safety measures.
  3. All skiers must give priority to those skiing ahead of them, stop at a safe place for themselves and for others, observe the signs/ warnings and stay away from closed routes and dangerous spots.Untrodden runs can be used only by very seasoned skiers.
  4. The skiers must wear skis with snow brakes, while the snowboarders must have a special safety strap in place.The skiers must move within the boundaries of the runs.Only these are controlled by the safety staff.The use of helmets is necessary.
  5. The skiers shall keep in good state their equipment and especially their skis, using wax products for their protection.Stores selling ski equipment can provide all relevant information.
  6. In case of an accident, skiers and visitors shall facilitate the work of the First Aid team. First aid is offered for free to all skiers and visitors of the PSC. In case a skier notices anything unusual with regard to the use of the lifts and/or runs, they must inform and ask help from the competent staff (lifts - runs).
  7.  The snowplough vehicles may be operated even during the center’s operating hours and have priority. Skiers must always keep a safe distance from them.
  8.  It is strictly forbidden to take off and land with snow kites or paragliders within the marked runs.
  9.  It is forbidden to use private motor vehicles (Snowmobiles) on the runs beyond the PSC operating hours.
  10.  The use of sledges is allowed only at the specially designed areas.
  11.  It is not allowed to descend on deep snow within the center’s forested slopes, where there are small firs to avoid damaging the tree crown which may stop their growth.
  12.  It is forbidden to use the runs after the end of the PSC operating hours. After closing time there are no rescue means and the runs are being snow ploughed. The last check of every ski run is performed 10 minutes after the embarkation of the last customer on the lift that serves it. The closing time of every lift (last embarkation) is predetermined. It is announced at the info desks as well as at the departure point of the lift and visitors of the PSC must be aware of it.
  13.  Visitors or hikers may walk only on designated routes within the center’s ski runs which are indicated by the staff in charge.

Special Rules – Rules for Snowboarders

  1. The front foot must be securely fastened on the board with a strap.
  2. On the ski tows and the aerial lifts, the back foot must be free (not be strapped in the locking buckle).
  3. Before changing direction, especially before making a reverse turn:Look behind and around you.
  4. Stop only at the side of the run.Do not sit down or lie down on the run.
  5. The snowboard must be placed on the snow with their locking buckles facing down.
Rules for the Conduct of Skiers and Snowboarders (F.I.S.)

  1. Respect for others:Skiers or snowboarders must behave in such a way that they do not endanger or harm others.
  2. Control of speed and skiing or snowboarding:Skiers or snowboarders must always move in control. They must adapt his speed and manner of skiing or snowboarding to their personal ability and to the prevailing conditions of the terrain, snow and weather as well as to the density of traffic.
  3. Choice of route:Skiers or snowboarders coming from behind must choose their route in a way that they do not endanger skiers or snowboarders ahead.
  4. Overtaking:Skiers or snowboarders may overtake another skiers or snowboarders, provided that they leave enough space for the overtaken skiers or snowboarders to make any change of direction.
  5. Entering, starting and moving upwards:Skiers or snowboarders entering marked runs, starting again after a stop, or moving upwards on the slopes, must look up and down the slopes, so that they do endanger themselves or others.
  6. Stopping on the piste: Unless absolutely necessary, skiers or snowboarders must avoid stopping on the piste in narrow places or where visibility is restricted.  After a fall in such a place, skiers or snowboarders must move clear of the piste as soon as possible.
  7.  Climbing and descending on foot:Skiers or snowboarders either climbing or descending on foot must keep to the side of the piste.
  8.  Respect for signs and markings:Skiers or snowboarders must respect all signs and markings. They concern their safety.
  9.  Assistance:At accidents, all skiers and snowboarders are duty bound to assist.
  10.  Identification:All skiers or snowboarders who witness an accident must exchange contact information (name, telephone number, address).

F.Roads – Parking lots

The skiers/ visitors must:
  1. Drive carefully and be aware of their abilities with regard to their vehicle, the weather conditions and the state of the road.
  2. Always keep in their car snow chains and know how to use them.
  3. Park their cars following the directions of the staff in charge and facilitate the passage of the other drivers.The PSC shall not be liable for any accidents, loss, wear, tear, destruction and in general any damage inflicted on vehicles parked in the parking lots and the surrounding road network.
G.Environment – Cleanliness
  1. The skiers/ visitors must use the garbage bins situated at the indoor areas of the buildings, as well as at the departure and termination points of every lift.
  2. Skiers/ visitors shall make wise use of the water, paper, and packaging materials and utilise the recycling bins.
Η. Equipment Rental

To rent ski equipment, contact the rental stores in time.If the rental stores do not have stock of certain equipment the PSC does not bear any responsibility.
I. Tickets
  1. For any information or clarification as well as for the best ticket category choice, the visitors can get information on the website, the information boards at the reception areas or the PSC info desk.
  2. All skiing tickets are loaded on the reusable plastic RFID card.Please note that only genuine RFID cards bearing the manufacturer’s serial number and sold by the authorized points of sale can be used to buy tickets of the PSC and pass through the entry gates of the lifts.
  3. Every RFID card is personal, it has a unique serial number and can be loaded with only one personal ticket, regardless of its category (daily or for multiple visits).The card should not be folded and must always be kept away from magnetic fields and sources of heat and not be placed together with credit cards and/or cellular phones.
  4. Each plastic card is sold for €3.00, and can either be returned or used multiple times (after being reloaded).
  5. If the plastic card is in good condition, it can be returned for €3.00 during the PSC operating hours and before the end of the ski period, or even during the next ski period.
  6. To return the RFID card for €3.00 at the PSC cashier’s desk, a receipt is issued at the skier’s full-name.
  7.  When going through the control gates, the RFID cards must be placed at shoulder height on the left side, so that the READERS can easily detect them.
  8.  Each ticket offers the right to use the PSC lifts and is subject to the additional terms that regulate their use.
  9.  The use of the lifts without the corresponding ticket which shall be kept until its owner leaves from the ski center’s facilities, is illegal and may have legal penalties.
  10.  The tickets must be shown whenever the controllers make such a request.
  11.  If during the control it is found that the visitor/skier does not have the appropriate ticket, they shall have to pay immediately the value of a €15 ticket multiplied by five, while the original ticket will be cancelled.
  12.  The use of a multi-day or a discount skiing ticket by a person other than the one it was issued for, entails an ipso jure confiscation of the card (without the right for any reimbursement to the legal owner) and payment of a penalty by the offender, equal to the value of the ticked used.
  13.  In case the usage rights of a multi-day ticket during the winter period it was issued have not been exhausted, the remaining amount of the ticket price will not be reimbursed. The ticket for visitors (paper card with a barcode) is sold at its rate and cannot be returned or used multiple times.
  14.  To issue a ticket and use the lifts the full-name of the user must be given as this will be stated on the receipt and will enable the ticket’s return or reissue if it gets lost. In addition, the full-name of the ticket holder is required in case they need to be rescued.
  15.  If the purchase receipt with the full-name of the ticket holder is not submitted, tickets which have been lost, stolen or ruined cannot be reissued and the original tickets cannot be cancelled.
  16.  After the issuance of a ticket no discount or reimbursement can be offered, regardless of the weather conditions and the operation status of the lifts.
  17.  Methods of payment: a) at the cashier’s desks: in cash (euro) or by credit card (MASTERCARD – VISA) – b) through our e-shop: only by credit card (MASTERCARD – VISA) and as long as you already have the plastic RFID card.
  18.  After the conclusion of the transaction, a reimbursement in cash or a change of the tickets are not allowed.
  19.  To issue daily tickets (all categories, except adults) must show the appropriate supporting documents for each case directly to the cashier’s desks, as well as register to the RFID card, the full-name, the capacity - discount category and a photo of the holder.
  20.  To issue multi-day tickets for all special/ discount categories, before visiting the cashier’s desks you are required to get a Special Form by the INFO DESK showing the necessary supporting documents for each case.
  21.  To issue a discount ticket the customer is required to submit the necessary supporting documents for each case and note on the RFID card their full-name, their capacity – discount category and a photo.
  22.  The persons who exhaust their 80-units ticket are entitled a 50% discount for the purchase of a new ticket within the same skiing period.


  • STUDENT:Student ID card certified for the current period.
  • ISIA INSTRUCTOR:Instructor card certified by the Pan-Hellenic Association of ski instructors.
  • HOLDER OF AN ANNUAL TICKET FROM ANOTHER SKI CENTER:Annual non-discount ticket for the current period or
  • DAILY TICKET FOR YERONTOVRACHOS:same day ticket for the Yerontovrachos ski center.
  • ATHLETE – ACTIVE:for athletes born before 1997 according to the F.I.S. (www.fis-ski.com) and for athletes born after 1997 a certificate by the Hellenic Ski Federation that they are registered members.
  • EX CHAMPION:Certificate by the Hellenic Ski Federation.
  • THIRD AGE (65<years old<75):ID card.
  • VETERAN (75+ YEARS OLD):ID card.
  • DISABLED PERSONS:Certificate by a competent organisation.
  • RESIDENT OF A NEIGHBOURING MUNICIPALITY:Certificate issued by the Municipality for municipal status and permanent residency.
  • STUDENT 5-17 YEARS OLD:Student or citizen ID card.
  • CHILD UP TO 5 YEARS OLD:Birth Certificate.
  • 2ND + CHILD OF A FAMILY (only for multi-day tickets, when 2 adult tickets and 1 child ticket have been bought):Family Status Certificate.
The persons eligible for PSC skiing tickets with a minimum charge of €1 are:
  • Children under the age of five as long as they are accompanied.
  • The second, protected member of a family, in case a multi-day family package has been bought.
  • The executives (instructors, athletes, judges) of visiting teams during competitions, following a written certificate of the H.S.F. and the PSC’s Director.
  • Group leaders and drivers with groups of visitors over 25 persons, who shall be granted upon their arrival free entry to the PSC’s facilities (two people per group).
  • Disabled persons.
  • People arriving with transport companies:special numbered coupon by the collaborating transport company (ski bus etc.).
  • Ski schools and individual instructors:The supporting documents as mentioned in detail in “ANNEX D”.
  • Collaborating Transport Companies (ski bus):Legal data of the company to draft the relevant private agreement with the Public Properties Company and the Parnassos Ski Center which shall include the terms of collaboration.(Tourist bus permit, Tax clearance certificate, etc).

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