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Our ski resort covers part of the large mountain mass of Parnassos, highest elevation 2,459m at the Liakoura peak. Our ski runs also reach the high elevation of 2260m, with sheer, rocky slopes nearby, where the danger of rock slides and avalanche is present. As a rule weather conditions at that altitude are more adverse than at lower elevations, with dense fog, strong winds and low temperatures. For this reason you should heed the warning and prohibition signs installed at key points to warn upcoming dangers (cliff, avalanche). Most importantly, never enter a run, trail or route that is marked CLOSED. Consult the guiding signs and never attempt to ski down an unknown run under heavy fog conditions.

Run Closed


Avalanche Danger


Attention Cliff
Danger of Falling


General Danger

Our runs are marked with signs installed on the perimeter of runs, providing information such as the number, name, direction and degree of difficulty using the corresponding color.

Green runs are considered only those in the beginners slope with baby lift, in Kelaria and Ferolaka, while there are no real black runs in our resort. According to international regulations, ski routes don’t have to be controlled or groomed (ungroomed) but should be protected from alpine dangers. For this reason they should be used by very good skiers who have experience in steep slopes and ungroomed snow. However, at our resort weather permitting, we always groom and control peripheral route No 24, which is the most accessible and popular.


Very easy








Ski route

You should always consult the direction signs, heed the marking signs and remain inside the protected area especially under low visibility conditions. Never cross barrier nets or snow fences. It should be noted that even though our resort provides rescue at all times, we are not responsible for accidents that take place outside the delineated ski runs.
Use of snowmobiles is not permitted on the slopes

Use of snowmobiles
is not permitted
on the slopes.

Backcountry skiing or off-piste skiing is not permitted

Backcountry skiing
or off-piste skiing
is not permitted

Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct
Rules for Conduct of Skiers and Snowboarders
(10 FIS Rules for Conduct)

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NEVER FORGET: Apart from skiing, snowboarding and sledding in the controlled areas, ALL other types of outdoor athletic activities (e.g. mountain climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, 4-wheel vehicles and ATVs, speedflying, snowmobiles, etc.) are not permitted within the area of responsibility of the Parnassos Ski Center!

Lastly, you are asked to respect the environment and not attempt off-piste skiing in the forested slopes of Fterolaka, where there are small fir trees and skis and snowboards may damage their tips and stun their growth. For this reason, the appropriate danger signs will be installed this year in crucial points. We also wish to inform you that use of visitor snowmobiles is prohibited in all areas of our resort for security reasons.


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