Runs are the showcase of any ski resort and for this reason our goal is to always achieve the best possible grooming so that carving and snowboard fans can find well groomed runs with smooth, packed snow. Correct, daily grooming creates consecutive, homogenous hard snowpack layers that can better withstand use and temperature changes and lengthen the ski season. However, we should be aware that the high elevation and position of Mt Paranssos between two bodies of sea water, are responsible for severe, variable weather conditions such as strong winds, dense fog, snow storms, moisture and icing, which do not always allow good grooming of the runs.

The Parnassos Ski Center has six main snow groomers (of which one is new with a winch from steep slopes) and 3 ancillary, all used daily for better possible preparation of our runs. As a rule, the groomers start working when the lifts and runs are closed; under continuous snow conditions or in the event of mechanical damage to the lifts, they may move carefully during the hours that the runs are open to the public.

In good weather conditions: When there is no snow forecast between the afternoon and opening hours of the next day, grooming takes place regularly before nightfall. Thus, if the night is clear and cold night, the next morning skiers will find perfect, safe runs with packed snow. If there is strong wind or a sudden, short snowfall in the early morning hours, there may be snowdrifts in downwind sections or a thin layer of fresh snow respectively. Re-grooming in the morning is not advisable because it would destroy the snowpack and soften the snow on the run from the morning and throughout the day, thus increasing the risk of injuries. When the good weather last a few days and temperature remains low, only the busiest runs are groomed to avoid further destruction to intact and well compacted snowpack. In this case it is impossible to completely smooth out bumps as the very hard snow does not allow good plowing and the result is a rough surface. However, even though skiers should watch out for snow groomers, the machines cannot significantly limit the continuity of skiers’ movement.

Under snowfall conditions: When there is night snowfall, the groomers make their final outing when the weather first brakes or at 4:00am if there is continuous snowfall, in order to provide satisfactorily groomed runs. However, there may be some ridges (corduroy snow) on the runs and their surface may remain soft because of the loose texture of fresh snow and bad adhesion to the old snow. If the snowfall continues during grooming, there may be a thin layer of snow over the groomed surface, which may feel like ungroomed snow. In reality though this does affect the movement of skiers. Similarly, when snowfall is combined with strong winds, snowdrifts may be created even a few minutes after the last plowing, which may also give the impression of a run that is not well groomed.

In the event of continuing snowfall during the day: When snowfall continues during the day and the depth of snow becomes an problem, the groomers go out having first taken all safety measures. In this case, movement of the equipment is very careful under the guidance of the piste safety team, after all dangerous sections have been completely closed.

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