Medical Cover

The Parnassos Ski Center, in order to provide the best possible services to its visitors, offers free medical cover in the two fully-equipped medical practices at Kelaria 1750 and Fterolaka 1840.
The visitors’ medical cover includes the following:
First Aid services within the Ski Center at the First Aid Stations, in case of an accident or sudden sickness.
If the doctors of the Ski Center’s station think that the patient needs to be examined further and the patient is unable to move in his/her own vehicle, an ambulance will take them to the nearest public hospital.
The patients eligible to receive the services described above shall have a valid ticket, must visit one of the First Aid Stations of the Ski Center, have to be examined by one of the station’s doctors and the incident must be recorded in the Book of Patients.

For the form recording the incident (click here).
Find out more details: Download the relevant PDF file (click here).
We wish you happy Skiing and Snowboarding, always in safety.