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​Hellenic State Properties S.A.

General Information / ​Hellenic State Properties S.A.

The owner and manager of the Parnassos Ski Center is the Hellenic Public Properties Company SA. (HPPC SA). ​The Hellenic Public Properties Company (HPPC) S.A. is the largest company for the management and exploitation of state-owned properties in Greece and is a 100%owned subsidiary of the Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations S.A. (HCAP) pursuant to Law 4389/2016.

The company was established from the merger of four state-owned companies for the management and exploitation of the following properties:

  • Greek Tourism Properties S.A.
  • Olympic Properties S.A.
  • Public Real Estate Company S.A.
  • Attica Coastal Front S.A.

HPPC operates in the public interest using market-based principles.

The company’s goal is to achieve the most effective exploitation of state-owned real estate assets under its management. The goal is to maximize the value of these assets while also safeguarding their natural and cultural value.

First and foremost, HPPC seeks to create and ensure long-term value for the country. To do so, the company focusses on value-creating investments through potential synergies and strategic alliances, so as to actively contribute to creating in the long-term a sustainable competitive advantage for the country.

HPPC SA manages directly, as separate Business Units, thirteen tourist infrastructures included in its portfolio. These are units of special tourist interest and the goal of the company is to upgrade and modernize their infrastructure in order to provide high quality services. Through its Business Units, which include, among others, thermal springs, ski resorts, marinas and campsites, HPPC promotes the development of alternative forms of tourism, creating the conditions for sustainable tourism development throughout the region.

More specifically, HPPC manages: