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Terms of Professional Ticket

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Learning the sport of skiing is an activity directly related to the functional needs of the Parnassos Ski Center and is very important in shaping the ski education of customers, reducing accidents and securing the general development of the PSC. For these reasons, the PSC has introduced a professional ski instructor ticket aimed at interested schools and independent instructors in order to work together and meet the increased needs of delivering ski services. Those interested will be able to respond with an application to PSC after the relevant announcement has been posted on the centre’s official website, with the following terms and conditions:

A. SKIING SCHOOLS (Skiing Season 2019-2020)

Operating Conditions:

  1. Each ski school will be able to employ as many teachers as it wishes and obtain the necessary professional tickets to use at the PSC facilities, from the management of the branch, depending on the scope of its work.
    In any case, the minimum required number of tickets for a school to be accepted and to set up at the PSC is 15 registered professional winter and spring ski season tickets, at a price of €600 each (totalling €9,000 for each school).

The above amount will be prepaid in order for the school to start operating on PSC’s premises.

  1. For those schools that employ more than 15 teaching staff members and pre-purchase at least 15 annual tickets by name, in a total amount of €9,000 (15 x €600 for each school), the right to purchase a ticket (season ticket – winter and spring season) will be provided at €450, for those teachers in addition to the 15, at the normal price without the increase of the professional ticket. In any case, the sale of tickets will only be done by an authorized employee of HPPC at the ski centre’s administrative offices and not at the ticket booth.
  2. The minimum number of teachers required to be present for each school will be 5 on weekdays and 10 on holidays and weekends
  3. The schools will be able to use, apart from the designated outdoor and sheltered areas at “Kelaria 1950” and “Fterolaka 1800”, as a reception point (meeting point) an area inside the buildings of the PSC at the “Kelaria 1750” point, in a public space that will be determined by branch management. In this area, PSC customers will be able to be informed about the services provided and to choose a ski school, according to his wishes and needs.

In the area that will be provided for use during the ski season 2019-20, they are obliged to post a sign with the logo of the school and a price list of services with dimensions of no more than 0.80mX1.50m.

Any damages caused to the aforementioned space, either through the fault of the school, or through the fault of the school’s customers, will be covered by the school itself and the area will be returned to HPPC SA as delivered.

It is noted that, in addition to the aforementioned accommodation, which is granted to ski schools professionally active in the PSC, the use of other sheltered areas is not allowed, except those that HPPC SA/PSC tenders in exchange for financial consideration, in line with conditions determined by HPPC SA.

  1. The sale and rental of ski equipment in the areas provided for use by the schools is expressly prohibited.

In the event that such actions are determined, HPPC SA may terminate any cooperation without any penalty for HPPC and request the removal of the school and the immediate return of ski passes.

  1. Each school will have its own uniform, where the bearing of its official name will be mandatory.
  2. All teachers of the schools, without exception, are obliged to have a card with their name and school title on their uniform in a way and place that will be visible. The card is provided by HPPC SA.

Necessary documents (Ski Schools):

a. Application

b. Valid license to operate a ski school from the competent department

c. Certificate of commencement of business regarding a private sports school and certificate of registration with the competent professional chamber or that accordingly defined by the current legislation / T.I.N (AFM) /certified cash register and block of service receipts or that defined by the current tax legislation.

d. List of teacher names at the school that will be active at the PSC for the ski season 2019-2020, with certified photocopies of their degrees or diplomas. This list will be updated in case of any changes.

e. Individual employment contracts with instructors-employees and copies of the recruitment information declared on ERGANI. The recruitment declaration is essential for the purchase of a professional ticket,

f. Detailed price list of all categories of lessons.

g. Certificate from the competent management of HPPC SA that they are financially up-to-date and have settled any outstanding financial issues with HPPC SA

h. Solemn Declaration:

1. A Solemn Declaration that the school will responsibly provide its services to customers-skiers and will comply with the General Terms of Use of facilities at the PSC, as listed in APPENDIX C

2. Solemn Declaration of the contractor who determines the Director of the school (as stated in its operating license) and his replacement, in case of absence. The head of the school, or his replacement, must be a
graduate of a faculty of Physical Education & Sports Science (TEFAA) of a Greek or equivalent foreign university, specializing in skiing, and be constantly present during the operation of the PSC and the school.

3. Solemn Declaration of daily operations with a minimum number of 5 teachers on weekdays and 10 on public holidays from December through to April, ie for the entire duration of the ski season, both at the “Kelaria 1950” and the “Fterolaka” points.


(Ski Season 2019-2020)

Conditions of Activity:

1. 1. Ιndependent teachers will be active at the PSC strictly individually, without the right to use any support staff.
2. The supply of a ticket for the professional activity of a winter and spring ski teacher for €600.
3. They will be accepted only after their application with the necessary legal documents, so that they can be provided by the management of the branch, in line with the above provided for schools, the proposed annual professional ticket for teachers.
4. All independent teachers will be able to use a common area, as a meeting point with clients in the reception building of the PSC at the “Kelaria 1750” point. There the PSC customer will be able to be informed about the services provided and make a choice, according to his wishes and needs. The site will be indicated and demarcated by PSC management. They are also provided with free access to a locker for the safekeeping of their personal belongings.
5. All instructors, without exception, are obliged to bear a name card on their uniform that is clearly visible. The card is provided by HPPC SA


Necessary supporting documents (Independent Teachers – Instructors):

a. Application

b. Degree and license to practice as a ski instructor from the competent authority.

c. Certificate of commencement of business and certificate of registration with the competent professional chamber/ T.I.N (AFM) /certified cash register and block of service receipts or that defined by the current tax

d. Statement of detailed price list on all categories of lessons.

e. Certificate from the competent department of HPPC SA that they are financially up-to-date and have settled any financial outstanding issues towards HPPC SA.

g. Solemn Declaration that the independent teacher-instructor will responsibly provide his services to clients-skiers and will observe the General Terms of Use of the facilities of the PSC as listed in APPENDIX C.

C. General conditions for schools and independent ski instructors

The schools and independent teachers – instructors who cooperate with the PSC will have the exclusive right to deliver ski lessons to PSC customers in the two specially designated and fenced off teaching spaces that the PSC provides as follows: One is at “Kelaria 1950 “(an area about 1,500m²) and one is at “Fterolaka 1800” (an area about 1500m²), as well as in all the PSC ski fields. In any other case, where it is determined that a lesson is being provided from a teacher who does not cooperate with the PSC (excluding schools and EOX sports clubs),relevant recommendations will be made and in the event of non-compliance, the validity of the teacher’s ticket will be terminated, without the ticket price being refunded.

1. Each collaborating school, or independent teacher-instructor, will be allowed to conduct transactions with clients, as well as write-post his name-logo, only in the specified space used for transactions by ski schools and teachers and nowhere else.
2. Billboards or other advertising activities will be allowed only after written permission from PSC/HPPC and after payment of the specified financial consideration.
3. Schools and independent ski instructors are exclusively responsible for the safety of the persons they train and HPPC SA reserves the right to request the presentation of a relevant insurance policy, and in case of an accident during teaching they are obliged to help the PSC pisteur care and transport the injured person to the point where they will be picked up by ambulance.

4. Schools and independent instructors, when conducting classes outside the organized facilities of PSC (off-piste ski, freeride, ski tour, etc.) are obliged to bring the appropriate safety-rescue equipment for alpine hazards. HPPC SA has the right to carry out an inspection of the aforementioned equipment at its absolute discretion.
5. All teachers have the right to bypass the queue only at the Aeolus, Pan, and Baby 1,2,3,4 lifts where students are beginners and young children and the assistance of instructors is necessary for their safe boarding-disembarkation.
6. Schools and independent teachers-instructors will have the right to use the track for competition or training with their students (schools, sports clubs, individual training sessions), after the timely submission of a request and its written approval by the competent service of HPPC SA.
7. The use of motorized means within the facilities of the CCP, such as snowmobiles, pavers (snow groomers), etc. is expressly prohibited.
8. In the event of infringing conduct, which will be monitored by HPPC management, according to the applicable terms, cooperation with the school or the instructor will cease without the price of the ticket being returned.
9. Names of the collaborating schools and teachers, as well as the independent teachers-instructors will be displayed, throughout the ski season, as the official partners on the PSC website, through which PSC customers will be informed about services provided. We point out that HPPC SA/PSC, in any case, will post on its website and will recommend to visitors of the centre for their own safety, the names of teachers at schools, and the independent instructors, based on their verified formal qualifications for the teaching of skiing in a way that helps eliminate cases of teachers operating illegally.
10. All professional teachers at the schools or individual instructors will observe the General Terms of Use of the facilities of the PSC, as stated in APPENDIX C “General Terms of Use of the facilities of the Parnassos S.C.”

Schools and independent ski instructors agree with the terms of the present and explicitly accept that they will only practice exclusively the profession of ski instructor at the facilities of the PSC, excluding any other professional activity.

It is noted that for both ski schools and independent instructors, the submission of the relevant application to the ski centre, amounts to an unconditional acceptance of the above terms and conditions of operation and cooperation with the ski centre.

The non-acceptance of the terms and conditions of professional activity of schools and individual ski instructors and of the general terms of use of the PSC facilities means an inability to be active in the premises of the PSC.

In order to start the business activity at the PSC branch, the submission of the above-mentioned supporting documents to the branch office must first take place.

“HPPC SA with full respect for the protection of personal data of its customers has adopted and implements the prescribed policies and procedures, in accordance with the requirements of EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and current national legislation. To ensure this, it has introduced the most modern systems and data management and security systems. Detailed information about these, as well as the exercise of your legal rights, can be seen at the relevant Privacy Statement (www.parnassos– Policy) or can be searched at Information* of the PSC.

The processing of personal data is necessary for the issuance of a ski ticket, for reasons of the protection of persons and the guarantee of the legal rights of HPPC SA.”

I have been informed of the terms and I accept them unreservedly.


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